The waiting is paralysing

There is activity, but you wouldn’t really think so. This article explains what is happening, or not, better than I can. The paralysis is really why there’s been no recent update here. I took this image last Friday on a trip up to Amed, out of the exclusion zone. Just steam, but interesting.

Nothing to report

Except … The waiting is excruciating. If it is for us, how must it be for the now 140,000 displaced people from their mountain homes. Bored, tired, sick children. Depressed, bored adults – there is a mental health issue and it’s rising. Tremors come and tremors go. Some are quite powerful, others just discernable. Posts […]

Waiting for Agung

We are still waiting. The warning level 4 has been in place since last Friday night. By now, Wednesday afternoon, there have been no shortage of tremors (some substantial – a 4.2 yesterday afternoon) but still no eruption. If we, who are not inconvenienced in any way, feel that the wait is interminable, how must […]