Ubud pavements

You only have to google these two words to come up with a host of results with phrases such as ‘death traps’ and ‘flat on her face’ sprinkled generously throughout tourist reports. It is a given that you must walk head down to be (pun alert!) one step ahead of any hazards. These range from […]

Cremation in Ubud

The village farewelled 29 of its own last Thursday in the usual spectacular fashion of ngaben ceremonies. Preparations had been going on for a month and nobody slept the night before as the Pedanda (High Priest) led prayers and chanting throughout the early hours for the safe journey of the souls of the departed. It […]

Picking up the threads

Some years ago I blogged about our six months in Bali; time spent investigating whether moving here long term would be possible.¬†Slightly Addicted to Ubud is still on the interwebs and can be read in conjunction with this new version, a different look at the Island of the Gods, now that we have been living […]