Behind the scenes

​We returned to the ‘bazzar‘ last night. It was definitely dress-up night for the children, especially the little girls in their pretty party frocks. Quite the crowd in attendance and at one stage a party of at least 40 people turned up, mostly men, all wearing identical outfits. Tables were pushed together to accommodate them […]

Bazzar (yes, ‘Bazzar’)

The banners all proclaim ‘bazzar’ so I’ll run with this spelling too. I’m not sure if it’s an Indonesian thing, or just a Bali thing, but it sure is a busy thing. Every couple of years a village will stage a fundraiser (or ‘funraiser’* as it is often spelled – very appropriate) that involves everybody […]

Who’s for noodles?

Ifemelu wanted to lie, to say that she cooked and loved cooking, but she remembered Aunty Uju’s words. “No, ma,” she said. “I don’t like cooking. I can eat Indomie noodles day and night.” Huh? The cheaper-than-chips noodles found in every supermarket and convenience store in Indonesia? Literary stardom on page 85 of Chimamanda Ngozi […]


Saturdays seem to come round very quickly here, which is good as this is Bali breakfast morning for us. On every other day breakfast is muesli, but Saturdays are special. Ayu scours the street stalls early and by 7am has brought us up to 10 little packets wrapped in banana leaves and brown paper. The […]