Comings and goings

This expat life is like a wheel. Some of us here more or less permanently are at the centre, but the wheel revolves through the year with people leaving, and others arriving. We always seem to be saying things like ‘ah, you’re back – good to see you again’ or ‘have a good trip, we’ll […]

Made Kebaya

I first met Made (pronounced MahDay) some years ago. Someone had given me a lovely piece of cream lace, cut to special kebaya (Balinese lace blouse) dimensions, ¬†and I asked where I could get it made up. Ibu Made, I was told. She then had a small tailor shop very close to the largest supermarket […]

Ubud pavements

You only have to google these two words to come up with a host of results with phrases such as ‘death traps’ and ‘flat on her face’ sprinkled generously throughout tourist reports. It is a given that you must walk head down to be (pun alert!) one step ahead of any hazards. These range from […]