Behind the scenes

​We returned to the ‘bazzar‘ last night. It was definitely dress-up night for the children, especially the little girls in their pretty party frocks. Quite the crowd in attendance and at one stage a party of at least 40 people turned up, mostly men, all wearing identical outfits. Tables were pushed together to accommodate them […]

Bazzar (yes, ‘Bazzar’)

The banners all proclaim ‘bazzar’ so I’ll run with this spelling too. I’m not sure if it’s an Indonesian thing, or just a Bali thing, but it sure is a busy thing. Every couple of years a village will stage a fundraiser (or ‘funraiser’* as it is often spelled – very appropriate) that involves everybody […]


It’s rubbish day. Around noon we will put the bin out the front of the compound and it will be collected and replaced by another. Not such a big deal where you are perhaps, but here it’s taken a while to get organised. Rewind. For too long we have been turning a blind eye to […]

Bali by Prisma

My fairy godmother, whoever she was, did not bestow me with the gift of creativity. I can’t paint or draw (unlike my father), I am a craft klutz (unlike my mother) and there’s no music in me (unlike my brother). All of these things I enjoy and appreciate. I also enjoy photography. Perhaps I have […]