For the past three years we have lived in Ubud, away from the coast in the cooler hills of Bali. Despite the influence of the film Eat, Pray, Love, Ubud is still the cultural heart of the island. A different kind of tourist comes now: young people who think they have invented spirituality, yoga and hippiedom. Sadly, many fail to understand or respect the particular spirituality of Hindu Bali, but the Balinese people smile and welcome them anyway. That’s why we love Bali, and its people.

An earlier blog, Slightly Addicted to Ubud, recounted the six-month trial before we decided to make the move. This one will tell what it’s like for us now.

In the past three years I have developed the Balinese woman’s passion for kebayas, the beautiful lace blouse worn on ceremonial occasions. A wardrobe full is barely enough. And as for black rice pudding … too much and the kebayas won’t fit. Seemed like a good way to name this blog.