Kite season in Bali

At first it was just a small tap on the metal gate to our compound. Then a bit louder and a whispered ‘Ibu?’. Whoever it was peeked through the latch, reluctant to push the unlocked gate. Not somebody we knew then. Investigation revealed two very muddy teenage boys pointing to the overhead wires and their […]

For 14 days and 14 nights

The rain hasn’t stopped in Ubud. The second driest month of the rainfall calendar is creeping up to rainy season statistics. Our usual 10mm is already up to 94.2mm and the month is not half over. It’s annoying and depressing. The air is so damp that nothing will dry and even the sheets on the […]

Odalan. Again.

Yesterday we were invited to another Odalan, the birthday of a temple. With (I think) seven temples in our village and each one celebrating an Odalan once every Balinese year (210 days), these ceremonies are not uncommon. Multiply by all the village temples on the island plus all the household ones, and an Odalan can […]