Sanur by the sea

Every so often we feel the need for a break from the jungle to smell the sea air. Sanur is the closest destination, about an hour away, and we always enjoy the change. Sanur is hotter than Ubud. It’s also less chaotic with excellent shopping and dining.


Some like to call it ‘Snore’. Party animals, I guess, but it’s the laid-back quietness that we like. The beach side of the main street, Jl Danau Tamblingan, is usually expensive, but we found a small homestay right in the centre of town, and on the right side of the road. We have been lost before in the narrow, confusing lanes behind the other side of the street, so we were happy to be closer to the beach.

The accommodation proved to be small but clean and comfortable, with friendly staff. A hearty breakfast was included in the price, so no complaints at all. We thought we might have a problem at night when a band began their set nearby, quite loud and a very predictable play list, but on the stroke of 10pm it stopped. So ‘snore’ indeed for the partygoers, but sleep for us.

Along the beach is a walking / jogging / cycle path that runs for several kilometres. Fancy hotels have their private beach space but warungs also have tables on the sand and look out towards Nusa Lembongan. Market women will strike up a friendship and try to beguile you to their stall, or to have a massage, but it’s all a game really and they will accept a rejection if it’s made in good humour. Of course the ‘game’ is their living, but they realise that it is impossible to secure a sale with every interaction and seem quite philosophical about this.

A change is as good as a holiday, they say, and armed with a few purchases for the house, we headed up the hill again 24 hours later. On the way we called into the Bali Arts Centre, but that’s another story.

‘Snore’ will do us any time we feel like a break.


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