Yayasan Sunday: Bhakti Senang Hati Foundation


Tucked away in Siangan village in Gianyar regency is a foundation dedicated to the often forgotten children of Bali – those with physical handicaps: Senang Hati, Happy Hearts.

Operating for the children since 2003, Senang Hati obtained Yayasan status in December 2014 and is the only foundation in Bali owned and run by people with disabilities.

Fundraising activities include a small restaurant and the terrific idea of Happy Hearts sidecar tours, where guests are taken through unspoiled Balinese countryside, given a buffet lunch and a gamelan performance for Rp250.000 (around $25). This basic tour can be augmented for a small extra charge to include a visit to a holy water temple and a wheelchair dance performance. Why wouldn’t you?

Senang Hati is making a difference to the lives of children and young people often outcast by others by superstition. As well as providing skills training to foster independence and meaningful employment, Senang Hati hopes to break down these barriers of superstition and consequent marginalisation.

The residential wing accommodates around 20 young people and others attend as day participants in programs aiming to develop self confidence through cooking, sewing, computer, English and craft classes. Arts activities include painting, drumming, gamelan and wheelchair dance. Volunteer assistance in running these programs is always welcome. Provision of wheelchairs is vital and donations from individuals and organisations go towards meeting the many needs of this Yayasan

Bhakti Senang Hati Foundation
Jl Mundeh, Banjar Teruna, Desa Siangan
Gianyar, Bali

Email: yayasanbhakti_senanghati@yahoo.co.id

Contact: Nyoman Sukadana or Ayu Man

Image credits: Bhakti Senang Hati, Alison Barry, Addy Paes and Rob Pons. Thank you.

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