Yayasan Sunday: Fair Future Foundation


It’s been a birthday week for the Fair Future Foundation: their wonderful little cafe has been in operation for five years. Here is a good cause you can support while in town, and enjoy good food as well. The Fair Warung Balé has been consistently high on ‘best eats’ lists ever since opening on Jl Sri Wedari in 2012. And the great news is that one meal will fund two medical treatments. Such a great concept, and a painless way to give.

The Fair Future Foundation (Yayasan Bali Sari) is a Swiss-based organisation that provides free medical care to people in need. In 2016 almost 32000 people were treated, with 70% of the funding coming from the warung.

Plans are well underway to open a pediatric hospital in Klungkung, which will treat 1200 children each year as well as providing medical services to the region.

As their motto says: If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!

Another great Bali cause. Eat well and feel good – inside and out – as you help a human being in need.

Fair Warung Balé
Jl Sri Wedari 6

Open daily : 9.am – 11pm

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Happy Birthday,  Fair Warung Balé. Wishing you many more successful years ahead.

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