Yayasan Sunday: Bali Pet Crusaders



Last week I mentioned the sterilisation program that is offered to local people for their pets.

Bali Pet Crusaders is an Australian-registered charity with permission to operate under certain conditions in Bali. One such condition is that Western breed animals cannot be part of their program. However there are many cats and dogs, both loved and stray, that would benefit from being removed from the stress of continual breeding.

If this charity had the resources to reach all in need, the pressure on care and rescue charities such as Villa Kitty, BARC and BAWA would be greatly eased. It makes sense to tackle the problem with prevention.

BPC will visit families and villages to conduct sterilisation in situ. Obviously the more cases that can be dealt with in a single visit, the more efficient, and people are encouraged to band together to have many procedures simultaneously.download

However, sterilisation is not in the consciousness of many Balinese people, because of perceived cost and because the problem with unsterilised male animals is not always immediately evident. The unfortunate females (and their female offspring) are easily dumped, and the cycle continues. This program must go hand in hand with education.

The BPC website outlines Indonesia’s animal welfare laws, in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, which are rarely enforced. Again, part of the education program.

Raising awareness and tackling the problem one animal at a time is a start, but these things can’t be done without funding. Here’s how to donate, or the list of medical needs is below.


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