5 Reasons to visit Ubud in May


1. I could make all 5 reasons the Ubud Food Festival, but maybe not. Even so, it has to be number one. So… the 3rd UFF will be held between 12-14 May, so there is plenty of time to make plans. This iteration will be building on the success of the past two festivals. Fast becoming a calendar date claimer for foodies in Australia and South East Asia, it’s best to come this year before everybody knows about it. The full program will be launched soon, but the past success of tastings, demonstrations and talks by Ubud’s top chefs is sure to be repeated. The big reveal is in March, and the website has a newsletter sign-up to stay informed.

2. May arguably offers the best weather of the year. Lovely days, coolish nights, not too much (if any) rain. Perfect weather for walking, exploring and food tasting at any festivals that might also be happening. (Ooops).

3. The kids are in school – in Australia, anyway. Which means Ubud isn’t chock-a-block. Room for comfortable saunters between venues. Not just food venues, but you get my drift.

4. It’s not July or August, when the European summer brings vast numbers. Many will be foodies, but if they’re not here in May, they’ll be missing out. Their loss.

5. Because it’s not school holiday time or European summer, airfares and accommodation will not be at a premium. So even if you are not coming for you-know-what, it’s the time for an affordable break. You’ll probably run across the many free events anyway if you choose the right date window.

Oh dear. Somehow this festival has hijacked my post. See you here in May?

Post image used by courtesy of the hard-working team at UFF.

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