Not crying wolf

Back in September, when the alert level of Gunung Agung was raised to 4, the highest, we waited. Thousands of people were evacuated and lived in limbo away from their homes and animals. Nothing was visually happening but the experts were monitoring activity inside the mountain and reporting every six hours. Charts showed deep quakes […]

The waiting is paralysing

There is activity, but you wouldn’t really think so. This article explains what is happening, or not, better than I can. The paralysis is really why there’s been no recent update here. I took this image last Friday on a trip up to Amed, out of the exclusion zone. Just steam, but interesting.

Nothing to report

Except … The waiting is excruciating. If it is for us, how must it be for the now 140,000 displaced people from their mountain homes. Bored, tired, sick children. Depressed, bored adults – there is a mental health issue and it’s rising. Tremors come and tremors go. Some are quite powerful, others just discernable. Posts […]